Qlik Sense tips. How to use a snapshot?

You can not share your snapshots externally like with a printscreen. Qlik Sense saves snapshots into the same app file. These snapshots are for Story telling. If you have a map of US, then zooming out to see Alaska and Hawaii is not very convenient. For this situation the best decision is to take a snapshot of Alaska and paste it into your story besides west border where Pacific ocean is.

Qlik sense snapshot story

Qlik Sense Maps. How to get your USA area layer right?

I’ve had a lot of pain while trying to get USA states right in Qlik Sense layer maps. Some states were showing outside of USA. Remember this: USA states column has to contain short code in Qlik Sense. Full names of states will not work.

How to get it right?

  1. Select data layer -> Location.
  2. Make scope for locations custom
  3. Location type. Administrative area (Level1)
  4. Type ‘US’ in country field. (‘USA’ do not work!!!)
  5. Select your state column for Administrative area (Level1)
  6. Celebrate!

qlik sense maps

Hip and Knee Replacements complications. Visualization with Qlik Sense

Measure time span: 2013-07-01 2015-06-30.

These visualizations is still under construction. There is an issue with USA cities and states recognition – I will address how to solve this problem in my future blog post. For now, Qlik visualizes most of the cities on the USA map. Also I have just understand that it isn’t possible to share Qlik Sense visualizations with interactivity. This is a big negative for Qlik in comparison with Tableau. I will just use charts sharing from Qlik Sense cloud. You can change map size, but can’t change filter. That means I will have to share more charts and explain my insights better.

Now my plan is to fix cities and states data. Although ZIP codes works better with mapping, I still haven’t found out how to put points on a map with Zip codes and show Cities names.